the revolution of everyday life


one day, passing the shelves in his garage, he thought that it might be
worth an attempt to store the sun in some jars. over the following
weeks he carefully bottled what he felt would be a sufficient amount in
case of emergency. but after the winter had passed, he looked at the
glowing collection and thought it all seemed so selfish; so he took off
all the lids and waited for the clouds.


he constructed monuments
to a forgotten gaze.



over the years he had come to prefer the existence of a hermit--
it was so much easier to renounce his solitude when he was alone.



there was a lot of talk about victory, but he wasn't sure he saw anything
that needed defeating.

besides, on the few occasions that he did decide to join in, by the time
he put on his armor and chose the appropriate weapon the battle was
already over anyway.



messengers came, in all shapes and sizes,
telling him things of greater or lesser import.
yet, no matter the message they carried,
he always received them and gave them his full attention,
so that each and every one might depart unburdened.



unlike others
he was acutely aware
whenever he went absent


Just so you know...

all images and text © Michael Tweed