the revolution of everyday life


Someone said, "What name is not diminishment?"
He couldn't help but agree. Yet as he began to recite,
one name after the other, both mentally and out loud,
he came to realize that this was rather as a door
which both framed and opened vaster spaces.



some thought
that certain geometries
could lead to greater perfection

he however believed
just the opposite



more often than not
any attempt to avoid confusing
innocence and ignorance
was futile



he searched for his saints
among dead flies



mouth closed
on the pain



it was said that appearances
were no longer sacred

but nothing could be further
from the truth



even the sight of a hanged man
could instill a sense of peace



in the end the task
seems to be little more than
to obliterate the distinction
between pensum and desire



the visible
being only a pretext



some words
no matter how inappropriate
impose themselves



he picked up a book

so many words to be passed
from one hand to the other


heading downstairs
he paused partway

foot still poised midair

thought this might be
the most honest way
to live out one's days



which implies that there are two

but there was only one
and it was fading


settling into his armchair
the weight he felt
had little to do with gravity.

it was rather a question
of resistance.


sleeping on the floor
provided comforts
usually denied him.


he opened his eyes.

saw no further
than he did with eyes closed.

he closed his eyes.

saw horizons
as distant as those
with eyes open.

he was no longer afraid of windows
or their frames.


people rarely came to visit.

so in an attempt to gain insight into what it would be like to be a guest,
he decided to spend some time in his spare room.

now it is doubtful that he will bother to come back himself.

the revolution of everyday life 001

"Aren't most of the trivial incidents of daily life like this ridiculous
adventure? But in an attenuated and diluted form, reduced to the
duration of a step, a glance, a thought, experienced as a muffled
impact, a fleeting discomfort barely registered by consciousness
and leaving in the mind only a dull irritation at a loss to discover
its own origin?"
(Raoul Vaneigem)


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all images and text © Michael Tweed